Social Justice Summit

30th Annual Social Justice Summit

Our Theme: Cultivating

Connections and Community

Spring 2024, March 4th - March 8th



30th Annual Social Justice Summit 
Cultivating Connections and Community
The Social Justice Summit is a transformative platform that seeks to question and redefine societal narratives. It's dedicated to amplifying the voices and experiences of BIPOC, queer, disabled, and other intersectional communities, creating a safe and empathetic space for meaningful dialogue.

This year, we introduce "Cultivating Connections and Community" as our central theme. This theme is rooted in the belief that building strong, supportive networks is key to empowering historically marginalized groups. It recognizes that community bonds are crucial for fostering resilience, shared understanding, and collective growth. By focusing on cultivating these connections, the Summit aims to highlight the importance of solidarity and community in the journey towards equity and inclusion.
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