Student Staff

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Meet the Student Staff at the Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion Center!

Spencer Schoening - SJEIC Student Lead

Spencer Schoening

 Pronouns: he/him/his

Major: Critical Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Interests: Digital Art, Writing, Video Games, and Watching Movies

Bio: I work at the SJEIC because it has continued to be a great way to connect with the campus community while simultaneously serving said community! It has been a great way to learn, make friends, and feel involved at Cal Poly Humboldt.


Annika Caston - Staff Support Coordinator

 Annika Caston

Pronouns: she/her

Major: Psychology

Interests: Any kind of music, going to the beach, D&D, reading

Bio: I wanted to work at the Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion Center because I'm passionate about social justice work and community organizing. I knew it would be a great way to get involved with those things on campus!

Britney Ruiz - Hospitality Staff

Pronouns: she/her




Jasper Larkins - Social Media & Outreach Coordinator

 Jasper Larkins

 Pronouns: they/he

Major: Political Science, Global Politics concentration; minoring in Philosophy of Ethics & Journalism

Interests: Writing poetry & crocheting!

Bio: When I applied to the SJEIC, I wanted to work toward advocating for equity, inclusivity, and equality in hopes of one day opening my own non-profit organization that upholds these same values. Working here has allowed me to gain valuable knowledge, experience, and connections that I otherwise wouldn't have. The SJEIC has allowed me to feel comfortable as myself, and discover where in life I want to go. I hope to continue to learn from the experiences of others, empower people, and do work that I feel is important.

Diamond James - Conference Coordinator

 Diamond James

Pronouns: she/her

Major: International Studies (European concentration), minoring in Anthropology, French and Business Marketing

Hobbies: Singing, musical theater, bullet journaling, traveling

Interests: Avatar the last Airbender (and Korra), Animal Crossing, supernatural and crime shows/movies


Cyrus Winters - Queer Community Coordinator

Cyrus Winters

Pronouns: he/they

Major: Critical Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (Queer Studies Pathway)

Interests: Riding my bike, playing video games, going to the beach and watching the sunset, writing poetry

Bio: Hey all! I'm Cyrus, the SJEIC Queer Community Outreach Coordinator. I'm a huge advocate for queer and trans* rights as well as just being a fun cool guy. I enjoy long walks on the beach, journaling and writing poetry, and participating in theatre. I'm a dad to two cats who are also my besties. That said, I'm always down to make some more human friends, so don't be afraid to reach out! The main reason why I work at the SJEIC is to guarantee that there is a place for everyone and that community resources are accessible and equitable. Something I go by is "we honor the dead and fight like hell for the living."