Student Staff

Meet the Student Staff at the Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion Center!

Holly Rae - Conference Co-Coordinator

 Photo of Holly Rae

Pronouns: she/they

Major: Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Minors: Ethnic American Literature

Hobbies/Interests: Epically long walks, pottery, photography, travel, community building

Bio: Hello! I work at the SJEIC because I am excited about the many opportunities to create community centered around social justice, equity and inclusion. This center works hard to provide an intersectionally minded safe space to organize, have radical conversations and hangout for our campus community. All things I love! 

Jasper - Social Media & Outreach Co-Coordinator

 Photo of Jasper

 Pronouns: they/he

Major: Political Science, Global Politics concentration

Minors: Philosophy of Ethics & Journalism

Interests/Hobbies: Writing poetry & crocheting!

Bio: When I applied to the SJEIC, I wanted to work toward advocating for equity, inclusivity, and equality in hopes of one day opening my own non-profit organization that upholds these same values. Working here has allowed me to gain valuable knowledge, experience, and connections that I otherwise wouldn't have. The SJEIC has allowed me to feel comfortable as myself, and discover where in life I want to go. I hope to continue to learn from the experiences of others, empower people, and do work that I feel is important.

Oden - Writer/Editor
Photo of Oden

Pronouns: he/him

Major: Journalism with News Concentration

Minors: Sustainable Food Systems

Hobbies/Interests: I love hanging out with my dogs and cooking. I am very passionate about making healthy foods and trying new things in the kitchen. 

Bio: As a writer, I am incredibly passionate about amplifying the voices of those going unheard in our communities. I am honored to be the writer/editor for the Cultural Times at the SJEIC because it gives me an opportunity to document the hard work of so many on campus who make the campus a better place for everyone every day. I am very excited about what the future holds for the Cultural Times and its impact on the campus.  

Chelsea - Conference Co-Coordinator

 Photo of Chelsea

Pronouns: they/them

Major: Psychology

Hobbies/Interests: I read aloottttt and I play chess at least once a day

Bio: I work at the SJEIC because I wanted a job that allows me flexibility and space to continue to do anti-racist and social justice work. 

Alitzel - Social Media & Outreach Co-Coordinator

 Photo of Alitzel

Pronouns: she/her/ella

Major: Criminology and Justice Studies

Minors: Comparative Ethnic Studies 

Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy listening to music, watching movies, walking, reading and writing. Some of my favorite hobbies are going to the gym, going out to new places and watching comedy movies.

Bio: I work at SJEIC because I want to create a safe loving environment for all students. I want students to feel welcomed in the center as well as on campus and remind them that they do belong here and that their sacrifices and hardwork will be worth it. I also want to provide resources for them that will help them in any way possible.

Isabel - Hospitality Staff

 Photo of Isabel

Pronouns: she/her

Major: Political Science

Minors: Spanish

Hobbies/Interests: I am very interested in crime shows and going on walks either in the forest or at the beach, and I have recently started being more interested in cooking and trying new recipes.

Bio: I work at the SJEIC because I want to be part of a community that works towards providing a safe space for any student to come by and feel supported. Inclusivity has always been important to me, and SJEIC provides students a space to feel welcomed.

Ashlyn - Hospitality Staff 
Photo of Ashlyn

Pronouns: she/her

Major: Environmental Studies

Minors: Recreation Administration

Hobbies/Interests: Cheer and rugby

Bio: I like working at the SJEIC because I want to support communities I’m apart of and be an ally and help create a supportive and kind community.

Esteban - Hospitality Staff

Pronouns: he/they/she

Major: Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies (Ethnic Studies Pathway)

Minors: Women Studies

Hobbies/Interests: My hobbies are writing, drawing, listening to music, and reading about knowledgable things.

Bio: I work at the SJEIC in order to provide a welcoming space for all students while maintaining the space clean and organized.