Welcome to the Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion Center!

Fall 2024 Hours

Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM 

Closed: May 10 - August 30, 2024 for Summer Break



Who Are We? 

The Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion Center (SJEIC) is a organization that strives to create a safe space for Cal Poly Humboldt students to engage, learn, be heard, and be inspired. We represent the 3rd pillar of the Office of Student Life (Pillar Information). We were created out of student demand for a place to create community on campus, which is why we prioritize the creation of events, workshops, and activities that directly impact and support our students.

Our Purpose Statement

The Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion Center is an inclusive learning community that supports students in their academic and personal journeys at Cal Poly Humboldt The SJEIC follows 5 E’s- Explore, Experience, Express, Empower and Engage. Our 5 E’s allow us to provide co-curricular opportunities for leadership development, social justice advocacy, identity exploration, social engagement opportunities, and many learning experiences that positively influences student life at Humboldt. We are a student-centered program that fosters acceptance and respect of all people. 

The 5 E's 

Explore identity and history

Experience cultures and traditions

Express feelings, ideas and observations

Empower each other to advocate for social justice

Engage to build and sustain community


“Stop by the SJEIC, and let us help you find your space on campus. Our main goal is to allow students to get involved, and feel at home within the Humboldt community. We pride ourselves in providing a welcoming space, where we encourage dialogue centered around diversity, social justice, equity, and inclusion. Need accommodations? Contact sjeic@humboldt.edu for more information!”

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Humboldt Social Justice Equity & Inclusion logo in burnt orange, dark green, and black.

Academic Internships

Need a credit or 2 in your major? The SJEIC has internship opportunities in majors such as Journalism, Ethnic Studies, Women’s Studies, Government & Politics, and more. Discuss a possible internship with your advisors or department chairs, then contact the SJEIC Coordinator for more information.